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Affordable Garage Door Repair In Arvada, CO

General Repair Services

  • We service all makes and models of garage doors and openers
  • It's helpful if you know the make/model of equipment when calling
  • If the unit is 15 yrs or older parts may not be available but we'll do our best to find them!
  • We perform service work by appointment and in most cases can be there the same day. 
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service Work Is Available! YES, it's affordable!


Look, we know that a broken garage door, opener, or spring, is a huge nightmare and inconvenience. We'll work with you to get it fixed fast, fast, fast, focusing on quality first, without breaking your bank account. 

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Discount Applies to Military Vets, Law Enforcement, & Seniors 

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Garage Door Spring Repair

By far, the biggest problem you're going to face with your garage door is a broken or damaged torsion spring or extension spring, depending on the style of garage door you have.

If your garage door suddenly refuses to lift or close like it did yesterday, it's highly probable that you need a spring replacement.

Please be careful. Your garage door is heavy and only takes a split second to come crashing down if stuck in the open position. Call the Arvada Garage Door Experts immediately so we can get out there and fix you up.

WARNING: Do NOT attempt to replace your garage door torsion springs yourself. Without the proper tools and training, this can easily result in serious injury or death. 

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Garage Door Hardware Replacement

If it's mechanical, it wears out. We'll replace your hardware quickly and with an experts touch.

  • Rollers - Lube/replace. Whichever is called for. No up-sells. EVER!
  • Hinges - Keep these important babies tightened and lubed.           We offer quick replacement
  • Shaft - Shaft, coupler, and bearing inspection
  • Drums - Typically just an inspection
  • Section Replacement - Don't replace your entire garage door! In many cases, we can just replace a bad section, saving you money
  • Cables - Replacing worn or frayed cables is an essential safety measure


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Monthly Garage Door Maintenance

While it's true, that Arvada Garage Door Experts will come out and perform monthly maintenance checks at a very affordable price(Service Calls as Low as $87), there some simple monthly maintenance checks that you can perform yourself!

Visual Inspection: 

Position yourself inside the garage with the garage door fully closed. Inspect all the garage door hardware including springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and hinges for signs of wear or damage. Check the lift cables for signs of fraying. Is the mounting hardware becoming loose? If something doesn’t look quite right, or sound right, it probably isn't! Be sure to have your door system inspected by a trained technician.

Door Balance Test:

If your door is equipped with an automatic door opener  – close the door and disconnect the opener. Lift the door up by hand. It should lift smoothly with almost no resistance and should stay fully open of its own volition. If the door is difficult to lift or does not remain open, the door is most likely out of balance and should be serviced by our trained technicians.

Photo Eye Test:

Note - This test only works if your door is equipped with an automatic opener system. Also note, that garage door openers produced after January 1, 1993, are required by federal law to be equipped with a reversing mechanism and a photo eye or edge sensor as an added safety measure to prevent entrapment. If your garage door opener does not have these features, we advise the replacement of your door opener.

With the door fully open, push the open/close button on your garage door transmitter or wall button to close the garage door. Next, wave your hand or broom(for example) in front of the garage door’s photo eye so that it interrupts the beam. The door should reverse movement. If it does not, let the door close, clean the photo eyes and repeat the previous step. If it fails the test again, please have the system inspected by a qualified garage door professional.

Reversing Mechanism Test:

If your garage door opener was produced after January 1, 1993, it should be able to pass this test. With the door fully open, lay a piece of wood, such as a section of a 2×4, on the floor in the center of the garage door opening. Close your garage door with either the wall button or the remote transmitter.

As soon as the door touches the wood, the door should reverse itself automatically. If it does not, the door/opener, should be serviced by our technician.

Force Setting Test:

With the garage door open, push the garage door open/close button on the remote transmitter as you stand about a foot away from the door opening. As the door is closing, reach out and hold the bottom of the door with your hands, applying upward pressure against the bottom of the door as it is coming down to close. If the door does not easily reverse itself, pull your hands away immediately. The closing force of the door is excessive and the garage door needs servicing.

This test is obviously only relevant to those doors that are equipped with an automatic garage door opening system.

Semi-Annual Lube:

You can and should apply a small amount of lubricant to the doors hinges, tracks and rollers. White lithium grease comes in a spray and works well. WD-40 also works in a pinch. Something is better than nothing.


If you are uncomfortable with any of these tests, please don't hesitate to call us out to your residence. We'll perform the above tests for you for a very reasonable fee, and fix any abnormality on the spot.

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